JS library for steganography with encryption - Hide text in an image with encryption and obfuscation.

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This JS library provides functions to load image from file input into canvas, write message to image in canvas and read message from image in canvas.

Below is a simple example showing how the library works!


Step1. Select an image from your computer (Don't use image smaller than 64*64)

Step2. Choose a robustness level below

If you're going to retrieve message, your level selected here must be the same level you use to generate the image!

Step3. Optionally set/input a password for retrieving message



Please finish step 1~3 above and click a button below. Your result will then show up here!

What do you want to do?

Write message into image


Read message from image


Having trouble with this library or demo? Submit an issue and we’ll help you sort it out.